INVENIO provides TV stations with content based on barter model.

A program airs at the same time on several local TV stations in exchange of advertising space - this is the principle of TV program syndication.
The concept has proven itself and at the same time it has upset the ideas and habits of the sector.
"From January 29 to April 22, 2007, the first season of the series "24" has been viewed simultaneously on the following local television channels in France: LCM (Marseille), TLM (Lyon), TV7 (Bordeaux), Tours TV (Tours) Grenoble TV (Grenoble), Channel 8 (Le Mans), First Clermont (Clermont Ferrant ), Mirror TV (Nîmes), TLT (Toulouse) and Channel 32 (Troyes).
The first experiment conducted by Syn TV, an independent distribution company founded by Philippe and Gilles Camouilly Micoleau, two journalists who bet on this economic model "- Source TSLP.

The principle is simple: in exchange of free access to the program (acquisition), 80% of the advertising space is reserved for the non local advertisers. The revenue is shared between the syndicator and the TV stations. This model has proven itself in the United States and has been successfully developed in several European countries (Spain, Italy, Germany.)

The Syndication, as quality contents' acquisition solution for developing countries...

In 2009 - 2010, SUD MANAGEMENT, today INVENIO, has developed a distribution partnership with African, American and European partners in the above described syndication spirit. This was the first important collaboration that led us to intensify our contact with producers, and helped us to extend our catalogs of contents.

Our Barter-program is a great opportunity for TV channels to increase their revenues with attractive programs and small budgets. For producers and distributors, the organization is the best project they could expect to raise their revenues. Finally for announcers, it is the best way to reach their communication target.
For confidentiality, competition and marketing strategies reasons, we do not release:
-the complete list of programs
-the Conditions of subscriptions
-and the rates.

Please contact us for all specific information.

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