Cheela: latest video: Number One produced by 300 FRANC$

Cheela is back on your TV screens with her new video: Number One!​


The track "Number One" which will be soon classified hit, announced the return on stage of the hit "laisse parler les gens" co-interpreter.

The video is directed by a talent, out of a prestigious film school in Paris: Fanidji Kotchiadjo a.k.a Kotch...

Ravy Maquindus artistic advisor of the artist, but also co-producer of this videogram has coordinated the production organization with Harold Nonou, one of the associate producers.

The video you are discovering in exclusivity here, is also the result of the combined work of a team. Though we can not quote here all the names, we will highlight the great job done by Christelle, Ingrid, Bamina, and Mohamed Said, who is  the Executive Producer of the video. Cheela is back, and more hits will follow soon!

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